No creas todo lo que te dicen en la escuela

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this is the best photo ive ever seen

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I’m vegeta


apparently in holland they were trying to do the world record for the longest domino chain and then a bird came in an knocked 23,000 of them over… then they shot the bird and got fined because it was an endangered species. if one story has described my life as much as this story has, i’d like to hear it.

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Remember when there was a 7 mile spanking machine on spongebob and no one said anything about it ever


image bring me the booty

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how can you suck dick like that? there’s no vacuum. his face is always gonna have a draft. you can smell his breath on every side of his face. this nigga can’t be near water no more, he’d drown trying wash his face. he ain’t never gonna replenish his thirst. smh i wish him the best.